Repaint car? Car detailing? – Here are the do’s and don’ts

Car detailing and repaint services

The invention of automotive paint, like many others, was out of necessity. In July 1921, a worker at DuPont film plant accidentally created a thick, clear liquid out of gun cotton. This fluid turned into the underpinning of nitrocellulose polish, which was the leading car finish for almost 50 years. Subsequently, companies started using spray […]

Water-Based Paints VS Solvent-Based Paints

water based paint vs solvent based paint

Today, a car is more than just a mode of commute; the car one drives around speaks volumes about the person sitting behind the wheel. That is why it is not only important to maintain the way you look, but also to maintain the way your car looks; ensure that it is spotless and pristine […]

Everything you need to know about Audi Car Servicing in Chennai

Audi Car Service

If you drive an Audi, then you drive one of the finest examples of German engineering available. Audi and their drivers are unique – when you drive the best, you want only the best for it. One of the (many) things that makes an Audi stand out from its competition is that it’s truly a car for […]