Debunking Myths about Luxury car Denting-Painting

Nothing can ruin your day like an ugly dent in your luxury car. These dents ruin the elegance of your car and lead to chipping paint and rust spots over the long run. Hence, repairing dents and maintaining the paint on your car should be an important part of your maintenance practices.

However, car denting and painting is no stranger to its share of popular myths and misconceptions and we run into and most of the time end up believing. Today, we took up the responsibility of debunking a few of these popular myths for you.

  1. Car Painting is quick – is not a myth

Car painting is not a very lengthy process if done properly. However, any decent service center will not apply new paint over the already existing coat. The oxidation, blurring, and unpredictable surface on the current paint will not permit the smooth utilization of new paint. Henceforth, the old surface is first taken out of all scratches, the vehicle body is evened out with a decent quality body-filler, satisfactory matching surfacer is applied for appropriate paint attachment, a base layer of matching shading is shower painted and the harmed part is clearly covered to shield the layer of paint from natural variables.

  1. You need a new paint job after every repair service – is a myth

Many times, a small dent can be removed without the need to apply new coats of paint. Yes, it is true that scratches on your car’s body require a paint touchup but every dent does not cause a scratch. Go for paintless gouge fix in these circumstances. This proficient strategy utilizes different devices to pull, push, or in any case reshape your vehicle’s bodyboard. Rather than utilizing filler material or totally supplanting the bodyboard, this paintless methodology is a speedy and reasonable other option.

  1. Heating the dent will bring it back to shape – is a myth

Heating is only efficient for fiber and plastic parts like bumpers. However, it does not work on the metal parts of the body due to many variables in size, the extent of damage, and so on. On contrary to popular belief, heating induces additional stress into the metal which can reduce the overall life of the body parts. 

  1. The more coats of paint you apply, the better! – is a myth

This myth is far from being true. The more paint you apply, the more fragile the car body becomes, because paint, when hardened is still not as hard as the metal underneath. So the thicker the layers of paint are, the more dainty the surface will become. This is especially true for the edges, which are more prone to chipping. This is why car denting and painting shops usually sand the edges down to bare metal after the application of primer to prevent paint buildup on the surface. 

  1. At-home dent repair is as effective as the ones in the shops – is a myth

It’s harder than it looks to effectively pull a dent out on the primary attempt. Some paintless dent repair kits require pushing the impacted region, so you might have to eliminate the bodyboard totally. Inability to apply the adhesive accurately could harm the paint on your vehicle, which then, at that point, requires another paintwork. Hence, it is advisable to leave the car dent and paint job to the professionals. 

  1. Repairing dents is a long and costly process – is a myth

Repairing dents is not that long of a process. Most shops can finish the job in one day in most cases. There are various repair options like paintless dent repair which can give a flawless finish at minimal costs. So don’t let the dents on your car sit until the next service as that might reduce the value of your car. 

Now that you know more about car denting and painting services, you are bound to increase the life of your car’s body. 

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