wheel alignment & BALANCING

wheel care


Wheels get damaged due to bad roads and potholes leading to misalignment. This affects the drive and safety on the roads. Appropriate car wheel alignment ensures the durability of the wheels, a smooth and safe drive and major savings on fuel.

The tyres of your car need regular attention and care. With our state of the art equipment, we keep your car in the best shape. 

Buy with us, at Evolve Automotive we will make sure you get the right wheels at the lowest price in Chennai.

Services Includes:

  • Wheel Rotation
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Alignment


Regular and proper tyre rotation gives your tyres more uniform wear. All season tyres should be rotated in a “modified X’ pattern, where the tyres being moved to the drive axle are crossed to the opposite of the vehicle. The remaining two tyres are moved from the drive axle to the free rolling axle, remaining on the same side of the vehicle.

  • Your vehicle took a hit
  • You notice an uneven or abnormal tyre wear
  • You experience handling issues like the vehicle pulling off towards left or right and the steering not returning easily after you take a turn
  • When you replace your steering  and suspension components, make sure you don’t return home without a wheel alignment check at that service center
  • Your steering wheel vibrates at high speeds which is usually when the imbalance is in the front wheels
  • Your seats and the floorboard vibrates at high speeds which is usually when the imbalance is in the rear wheels
  • Scalloped /cupped wear pattern on the tyres.

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