Know your Mercedes Benz service centre in Chennai to reduce maintenance expenses

Around the world, Mercedes Benz is known for its automotive excellence. From the dynamic and highly efficient new A-Class to the luxurious and spacious E-Class or S-Class, the brand offers a wide range of vehicles to suit you. Along with being known for classy looks and performance, the brand is also known for its cars’ excellent build quality and reliability which makes it the best at what it does. 

When you drive a Mercedes Benz, you would want to keep it running as effortlessly as the day you bought it home from the showroom. To keep your car healthy, timely maintenance and care are necessary. 

We at Evolve Automotive has put together a small guide for you to understand the needs of your automotive better and plan maintenance that will keep your car in good trim for the longer run. 

Steps to Maintaining your Mercedes:

  1. Engine

Your engine is perhaps the most important part of your car. A good and healthy engine means that your car will function at its optimum capacity and stay that way for long. One way to ensure that it is healthy is by performing regular oil changes at the Mercedes Benz service centre

We recommend you to change oil at an interval of 5,000 to 7,500 KM. It depends on your use and the geographical condition of the roads around you. If you are using top models with premium performance engines it is recommended to start the oil change from 5,000 KM

  1. Brakes

Brakes are an important safety feature for your car. When kept in good shape, they keep you secure while driving. It is recommended to check your brake components at least once a year or after 10,000 KM. You should also exchange the brake fluids at least once in 2 years. 

It is extremely important to keep up with the maintenance of your brakes as a brake failure can prove to be hazardous. Visit a Mercedes Benz service centre regularly to keep a check on them. 

  1. Tires

Well maintained and inflated tires are important to improve the performance of your car and give you better mileage. They are also important from a safety point-of-view as slippery tires can lead to accidents. It is advisable to regularly inspect the tire pressure and ensure that it meets the standards set by the company. As a rule of thumb, tire pressure should usually be between 32-36 PSI. However, this can vary based on your model, so check with your Mercedes Benz service centre or with a trusted mechanic. Besides this, it is important to rotate your tires regularly to make sure the depreciation is equal on all four. Go through our wheel care services which would greatly help you.

  1. Oil Change

The oil is viewed as the blood of the motor and should be finished off much of the time to guarantee that potential issues are kept away from. Utilize the dipstick to gauge how much oil should be added and replace the oil each 10,000 KM. The shade of the oil shouldn’t be dark, which is an indication that it should be changed. Motor oil has a golden shading conceal however can become dark over the long haul because of impurities, added synthetics, and hotness.

  1. Coolant Level

The cooling system of your Mercedes is important to keep the engine going. It helps in maintaining the temperature of the engine and prevents overheating. Check with the Mercedes Benz service centre to know when to topple your coolant as it might vary from model to model. 

Regular maintenance is not negotiable. It will ensure that your car lives longer and works to its full potential. If you ignore your car and don’t look after its maintenance at regular intervals, its performance will degrade. 

The reason is, your car suffers wear and tear if you use it regularly. Also, dust gathers on consumables, and the other parts made up of rubber or plastic tend to wear off after some time. 

This won’t be the case if you pay attention to your precious vehicle and go for regular maintenance. By doing this, other parts, as well as the consumables, are repaired as well as replaced once their lifespan gets over.

The Mercedes Benz service cost can definitely put a dent in your pocket. But, when you plan your servicing schedule in advance, you can budget ahead and minimize the risk of major breakdowns. 

The overall Mercedes Benz service cost of maintenance can vary based on the model, like Benz C class come up to 1.4 Lakhs for 3 years and for Benz A class 5 year would be around Rs 2.61 Lakh for petrol and Rs. 2.91 Lakh for diesel. Evolve Automotive has been a pioneer in providing the best and most affordable Mercedes Benz servicing in Chennai.

Let it be Mercedes Benz C Class, E Class, GLC, GLE or whatever Mercedes Benz model you own, call 9884988632 and Schedule an appointment with us to get in touch with our experienced technicians so that they can help you maintain your Benz with less expense.