Choose the right engine oil for your car longevity

When you get the car of your dreams, don’t you feel like covering it up to protect it at all costs? There is one way to keep your car running at its best performance, using the right engine oil .

Engine oil for cars is like blood to the human body, you can’t go without it. It works as a protective layer on your car components and reduces depreciation due to heat. The wrong engine oil can increase the friction between the working parts of the engine leading to faster depreciation and decreased performance. Also, in case of an oil leak, the engine is sure to seize, which will lead to an expenditure of lakhs in repairs, especially in luxury car maintenance. 

Therefore, it’s really important to know how to choose the best engine oil for a car.

  1. Viscosity

Viscosity refers to the thickness of the fluid. For engine oils for cars, viscosity determines the speed at which it flows to protect the engine. A greater number represents a higher viscosity, which means the oil is more viscous and more resistant to flow. 

There are two numbers that define the viscosity of an oil. The first number ends with the letter ‘W’, which stands for Winter. This measurement is related to how oil flows when it is cold, such as on engine start-up. The second number is defined by how oil flows at normal operating temperatures.

  1. Types of engine oil

When we talk about engine oil for cars, there are mainly three kinds in the market; full synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral oils.

  • Mineral Oil: This type of oil has a relatively low resistance to heat and oxidation. It is cost-effective and works best for smaller cars that aren’t used much. It lasts for up to 5000 KM, which means that the frequency of recharging it will be higher. 

  • Full Synthetic Oil: This is produced to give the best protection amongst all three. It offers higher resistance to heat and oxidation. It can last up to 10,000 KM. If you are someone who drives in higher traffic or performance-suited cars and bikes, full synthetic oil is best suited for you. 

  • Semi-Synthetic Oil: This is cheaper than full synthetic oil and can work if your annual running is less than 10,000 KM. But, if you are a heavy user, then we recommend you to go with full-synthetic oil. Semi-Synthetic oil has a changing interval of 6000 to 7500 Kms or 12 Months, whichever is earlier.

Next time you go for engine oil servicing of your car, make sure that you go through your owner’s manual and understand your needs before fixing on a type of engine oil. 

  1. Driving Environment

The environment you drive in can put different kinds of strain on your car and the frequency of engine oil servicing may vary. Whether the climatic conditions are hot or cold, the roads are paved or not, how bad is the traffic, and so on, everything matters while choosing the right engine oil. 

  1. Certifications

Believe it or not, even engine oils have certain certifications which set them apart. Even if the viscosity is the same, not all brands meet the same standards.

When you look at the label, you might find certifications under different acronyms such as API, ACEA, ILSAC. This indicates that the brands meet or exceed the standards laid down by these organizations and indicates the quality and reliability of these brands

Besides these, it is important to change the engine oil in time even if you haven’t driven much. Like all consumables, even engine oils have an expiry date. Even if the car is not used much, the viscosity molecules break up over time, increasing the friction between the working parts of your engine. 

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