Water-Based Paints VS Solvent-Based Paints

Today, a car is more than just a mode of commute; the car one drives around speaks volumes about the person sitting behind the wheel. That is why it is not only important to maintain the way you look, but also to maintain the way your car looks; ensure that it is spotless and pristine each time you bring it out of your driveway. 

So how can you keep your car as shiny as the first day you bought it home? The answer is bringing your car in for regular denting and painting services. Not only will this practice ensure your car stays glossy; it will also guarantee higher resale value than an ill-maintained piece of metal. But, a lot of research goes into picking the right paint for your car that lasts longer without leaving you broke. 

There are two major types of paint in the market: solvent-based and water-based paint.

Before we get into the technicalities of these two types of paints, let us first understand what a paint solvent really is. It refers to the drying conditions of the volatile organic compound and dissolution of the paint base of one or more parts of the liquid. Hydrocarbon solvents and oxygen-containing solvents are collectively called solvent-based coating and water-solubles are called waterborne coatings. 

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So what is the major difference between the two and which one to choose from the car painters near you? Here are a few things that set the two apart:

  • Choice of resin

When it comes to solvent-based paints, almost all kinds of resins can be dissolved, making the choice wider. Various resins have their own unique advantages like polyurethane has great weather and chemical resistance properties, high gloss and wear resistance, silicon has great heat resistance properties, and so on. 

  • Glossiness

Solvent-based paints can give you more control over the fineness of the colour fillers than water-based paint. You can control the lustre of the film by using additives such as matte, and some paint gloss can be as high as 90%. On the other hand, the performance of water-based paint is not anywhere near that and the gloss finish is also not satisfactory.

  • Colour of Coating 

As we mentioned before, the choice of pigment is wider in solvent-based paint, as compared to water-based. This means that solvent-based will give you richer colours in the colour of your choice. 

  • Paint construction environment

Due to the nature of water, water-based paint cannot be under 5 degrees of construction while solvent-based paint is not restricted by any such temperatures. Hence, you have to carefully control the environment of the construction of water-based paint, from the humidity to the moisture in the base and you still might not get your desired results. The solvent-based paint can alter the quantity of mixture to suit the environment and to achieve the required results. 

  • Block resistance

Solvent-based paints have better block resistance compared to water-based paints. They are also more tolerant towards humidity and hit and don’t lose their shine in harsh weather conditions. 

  • Durability

Solvent-based paints are more durable and stay on for longer than water-based paints, which lose their shine over time. The former is also easier to clean and maintain compared to the latter. 

  • Viscosity

Water-based paints, as the nature of the solvent suggests, are usually thinner in nature. Solvent-based paints are thicker and spread out properly on the vehicle’s surface. This makes it easier for solvent-based paints to hide the flaws underneath them. 

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There are various areas in which solvent-based paint is better than water-based paint and vice versa. So, deciding which one is better than is other really depends on what your priorities are. You have to do the research yourself before you take the word on the mechanic performing your car’s denting and painting job. Understand the pros and cons of both, solvent-based and water-based paints before jumping to any conclusion. 

At Evolve Automotive, we provide a wide range of paint solutions and services to keep your car easy on the eyes for the long run. We use one of the most reputed brands of all time PPG for solvent-based paints and the results are more than satisfactory to our clients.

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