Why choose a Multi Brand over an Authorized Car Service Centre

“If you don’t look back at your car after you park it, you own the wrong car”. We say, “You own the right car but you maintained it wrong”. Owning a normal car which is well maintained is far better than owning a luxury car maintained bad. Servicing your car is as important as owning one.


For CAR OWNERS, finding a Trustworthy Mechanic is of immense importance. A car is a long term investment and any car owner would want his car to be in top shape for as long as possible. The dilemma arises when a car owner has to decide whether to give his car for servicing to an AUTHORISED car service centre or to a standalone MULTIBRAND car service centre. Following are some of the factors Car’s Owners should consider before deciding between an Authorised Dealer and an Independent garage.


The genuine car parts are otherwise called as OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. With the margin for error being so thin with cars, it is imperative that only OEM’s are used by the professionally run MULTIBRAND garages. The assumption that because AUTHORISED dealerships charge more, they are better in quality is wrong. There are plenty of MULTIBRAND garages which are run in a professional manner and are on par with Authorised Dealerships. You can get equally good service by visiting a MULTIBRAND car service centre.


This one is a no-brainer. Authorised Dealerships are way more expensive than the Mutibrand service centres. However, one must ensure that the parts used in the the independent Garage are genuine OEM’s.


When it comes to time, you can say that both Multibrand Garages and Authorised Dealerships are more or less equal. As long as the Multibrand garage is a professional one, the time it takes for it to repair in comparison with an Authorised Dealer is almost the same.

Your quest to find the best service station for your car thus ends here. To sum it up, once the free services are exhausted, it is advisable to turn to the New-Age MULTIBRAND Garages. They are professionally run, well maintained, and only use OEM parts. The myth that AUTHORISED dealers are better in quality is quietly fading and MULTIBRAND car service centres are the new way forward.


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